What is Acupuncture
Acupuncture started about 3000 years ago when Chinese healers discovered that the course of illnesses could be changed by putting needles into points that are available all over the body.
The theories they developed described the body as having a pool of vital energy or Qi which flows through a network of channels. Qi should flow constantly, just as the blood does. Disrupting, or blocking Qi causes pain and illness are the result.
The causes of energy blocks are around us in our daily lives. (Going from a hot dry office to the cold wet windy pavement, the frustrations of driving to and from work, physical inactivity, overwork, eating on the run, and bereavement, are just some common examples of disruptive energy in modern life.)
Usually the body can  correct such blockages, but when they are too severe the Acupuncturist needles selected points to clear the block  and  encourage  normal flow.
Points are individually chosen to match both patient and their Qi.
The usual treatment pattern is a diagnosis (90 minutes) followed by treatment (45 minutes) once or twice a week, treatments are spaced farther apart as improvement is maintained. Frequency and duration of treatment depend on the individual and the severity of their complaint. Results are generally very good and patients have reported
“A feeling of balance”, “Relief from pain”, “Rejuvenated”, “Relaxed”, “Makes me feel like myself again”, “When I go from here I can move more easily”.